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Welcome! Today is Wednesday, March 22, 2017.
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Click on any plane for specifications
and detailed photographs inside & out!

  Cessna 177RG

Cherokee Six 300

Please contact us for the current hourly rates on these aircraft...

Click on any plane for specifications
and detailed photographs inside & out!

Six4aSix, Inc.
Fort Worth's Equity-Ownership Flying Club

How would you like to own two high-quality aircraft?
You can, when you become an owner-member-shareholder of Six4aSix, Inc., the premier equity ownership flying club!  
You can save money with our new
Now, you can own your own share in this exclusive club for a one-time buy-in fee of just  $3000 and your share of fixed monthly expenses.
Do you sometimes have special flight needs that your normal rental plane simply cannot meet?  Are you tired of trying to make your flights fit your plane, instead of the other way around?  We have two very different planes that can meet a wide variety of missions.  Both are very well equipped IFR aircraft.
We currently own and operate a Piper Cherokee Six and a Cessna Cardinal RG.  The "Six" is a roomy 300 horsepower six-seat aircraft with a 1300+ pound useful load, and a 140 knot cruise at 8000 feet.  The "RG" is a 4-seat complex aircraft with a useful load of over 1000 pounds and a 149 knot cruse at 7000 feet--on only 10.5 gallons per hour.
You can use both of these aircraft, provided you meet the insurance minimum experience requirements  (basically, a Private Pilot certificate with 200 hours PIC for the Cherokee Six or 150 hrs PIC for the Cardinal RG).
We have authorized instructors available if you need to obtain your complex or high-performance skills, which you'll need to fly our planes.

Scheduling is handled online--very effective and easy! 

We challenge you to find comparable aircraft at rates like ours!  

There may be cheaper ways to fly (paper airplanes come to mind!), but when it comes to "the most bang for the buck", Six4aSix is the only name you need to know.

To ensure adequate availability of aircraft to members, we restrict membership in Six4aSix so that we maintain a reasonable limited number of pilots per lane.  No "sharing each plane with 20 or more people" here! 

As of today, Label, there are still a few shares available. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a member/owner of Six4aSix. 

As we like to say--don't just fly;  fly fast, and high!